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Conference Tables

Our Business:  Stengel Enterprises, Inc. designs quality ergonomic computer furniture for education; the electronic classroom, multimedia instruction, computer training, interactive learning, conference rooms and home offices. To produce a safe, secure and effective electronic, classroom or workspace experience, we provide the means to integrate software, network, electronic equipment and curriculum components to attain the perfect computer-based environments. We contract with excellent manufacturing partners with whom we closely collaborate to produce our standard and custom products. Stengel Enterprises, Inc. has also taken great care, using our years of experience in the industry, to select an offering of excellent solutions for your seating and accessories requirements.

Our Promise:  Stengel Enterprises, Inc. combines the benefits of 24/7 e-commerce with exemplary one-to-one customer service to assist our clients in attaining the finest electronic meeting, training, testing and learning environments possible.

Our Mission:  To provide thoughtfully designed, high-quality furniture manufactured of durable, low-maintenance materials with personalized, friendly service at reasonable prices.

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Piano™ Ensemble™ Turca™

When was the last time you enjoyed a staff meeting? Put one of our tables in your conference room.
PIANOsolo-5 with brushed aluminum laminate, black leather LCD panels and solid mahogany wood trim.
Leather executive seating by also available through Stengel Enterprises, Inc.